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Email Marketing Tips Every Digital Marketer Must Know

Email marketing tipsEmails have been around for decades now and they have experienced the maximum evolution in the space of digital marketing. Right from being a casual place to send messages to your friends to being used as a formal mode of communication in corporate companies. 

Emails have come far and are now used in marketing processes as well. Thus, as a digital marketer, you shouldn’t miss out on email marketing as one of the channels. 

Learning email marketing is very important to know the core basics of it and learn how it’s done. And in addition to these basics, we’re going to state out 5 email marketing tips to ace this game. 

So without further ado, let’s dive into the tips and tricks to enhance your email marketing campaigns. 

Must-Use Email Marketing Tips For Successful Campaigns

   1. Keep Subject Lines Shorter & Check Scores

Most of the users today check their emails on their phones and the first thing they encounter is the notification where the character limit for subject lines is limited. 

Hence, make it a habit of writing shorter & quirky subject lines and optimize it for mobiles. Remember, the subject line is a factor that can make or break your game. So pay a lot of attention there. 

And to make sure your subject line is catchy enough, test it using a tool called CoSchedule. It gives you a score. Anything above 80 is a good one. Learn copywriting to write some impactful statements in fewer words. 

   2. Use Mail Tracker

Mail Tracker is an excellent tool to spy on your recipients. Haha, not in reality. This tool gives you statistics like when the mail was delivered, when it was opened, etc. 

This particularly helps when you’re sending mass emails. Because it’s difficult to manually keep a track of 100s of people and their open timings and response rates. All this data helps you evaluate the success of your campaigns and gives you good learning of what tricks work for you and what don’t. 

   3. Schedule Emails As Per Target Audience

Sending in an email as per your convenience out of the blue is not the best practice. The hack here is to understand your target audience’s behaviour, find out the timing when the majority of them check their emails and choose that slot. 

So if your audience is working professionals, the best timing is between 10 am to 12 pm because generally, people check mails when they begin work. Whereas for students, some time after 7 pm is better because they’re glued to their phones at that time. 

  4. Make it conversational & Spaced Out

After careful research, it was found that if your emails aren’t conversational and spaced out correctly, people tend to lose interest. Writing using promotional language and without any breaks can look very unprofessional. 

If you have 3-4 things to point out in your mails, space them out. Use a conversational tone and keep it very natural. Don’t try to sound like a bot. The attention span of a recipient is very low and if you don’t manage to capture it, your campaign may fail.

   5. Personalization

Even after various marketing gurus and digital marketing experts stressing enough about the importance of personalization, people still don’t take it seriously. Personalization when used subtly has a significant impact on the recipient and is suddenly drawn towards your email. 

The subconscious feeling that a brand is talking to you directly makes a person read further. So always personalize your emails, and try and add CTA’s which communicate to the recipient directly. 

For example – If it is an application deadline, instead of writing “Apply Now” you can use the words “I Want To Apply”. 

It’s the small details that do the work. 

To Summarise, 

Email marketing is a very effective mode of digital marketing when employed correctly. So pay attention to the small details, automate your emails and see some great results in a shorter span. 

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Let us know in the comments below which email marketing tip do you always swear by. 

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