How to Recover an Amazon Suspended Account in 2020?

Year after year, selling on Amazon becomes more popular, and many third-party sellers are integrating into this platform. However, it is an undeniable fact that 2020 is officially marked by the year of the Coronavirus.

From the beginning of the year up to these days, the pandemic theme is the talk of the talk everywhere. And of course, it has impacted all the spheres which had to completely reconsider their strategies and implement innovative steps in order to stay afloat in the global business sphere. Amazon has implemented a number of changes in its operations to adapt to the daily chaos.

Let’s dive deep into this topic and try to understand the main changes in the process of account reinstatement in 2020.

Same Reasons as Before

Of course, there are several hardened reasons for Amazon account suspensions, such as Intellectual Property Violations, Inauthentic claims, or Order Defect Rate suspensions, which are as common today as they were before the pandemic. However, there is a type of suspension that has been rapidly gaining popularity during the coronavirus. That is the Price Gouging Violation, and here is why:

As we have mentioned before, the pandemic situation has severely affected different spheres; that’s why it makes sense that most of the suppliers have to raise the prices on their goods because manufacturing costs have gone through the roof. Then there are sellers who simply take advantage of the situation and raise the price of in-demand products. The end game in both cases is a suspension.

And of course, Amazon sellers, in their turn, have to do some price movement in order to pull through this situation. And what we have as a result? Right, suspension for price gouging violations. Also, if you are dealing with products like sanitizers, masks, medical gloves, or papers, you have to be extra careful when it comes to shipping. Since any delays of those products in the shipment can be fatal for your business.

Getting Worse

Unfortunately, there are no changes concerning your account reinstatement. Vice versa, during the situation with Covid-19, Amazon has become tougher when it comes to suspenders. On top of that, because so many of its employees are quarantined in their homes, or self-isolating because of infection, the response rate has steadily become slower. Therefore, you have to be careful in this period in order to avoid any unpleasant confrontations with Amazon employees. All you can do is clench your teeth and ride out the storm and just remember that it is always calm after a storm. The process for reinstatement is the same. Just follow it as best as possible, and remember that in a pandemic, all of us are in the same boat!

However, no matter how hard you try to follow Amazon rules, suspension may come at any moment. If you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation with your account’s suspension, Got Suspended?’s Amazon suspension appeal service is always ready to assist you with your account. Due to the grace of our professional team, we can find not only the root cause of your suspension, but also write a superb Plan of Action for your account’s speedy reinstatement.

We are always keeping up with the times and fully understand all the innovations of this business. Just reach out to us, and suspension will not be a headache anymore!