Looking for a Business Idea? Here’s what TRUiC suggests.

Whether you’re an Extrovert, Introvert, Scorpio, or Virgo, TRUiC has all the information you need on what type of business would best suit you.

What Business Ideas are Trending?

Security Guard Company

With warmer weather on the horizon, there’s more activity on the streets, in the malls, and around town. More action means more chances for shoplifting, violence, and the like. Are you passionate about ensuring the safety of those around you? Do you take rules and regulations seriously? Does being paid to patrol the perimeters sound inviting? Starting and running a security company could be the best path for you. Between 2016 and 2026, it’s predicted that there will be a 7% growth rate in security jobs, that’s 71,000 new positions! Your company could be one to host these new positions. Elementary schools in the US alone are responsible for hiring over 31,000 security officers to protect their students, teachers, and faculty. Hospitals are also employing more than 38,000 officers to protect their patients and staff.

Nail Salons

Are you looking for a job with a gentler touch? Have you searched for a business idea to serve as both an income and a creative outlet simultaneously? With a national revenue of nearly 5.25 billion dollars, the hair, skin, and nails industry has great promise and opportunities for young entrepreneurs. Whether you’re new to the field or you’ve been working under a long-time professional stylist and wish to spread your professional wings, opening your own salon might be the next right step.

Clothing Boutique

More intimate than a mall and more personable than an online store, boutiques are the happy medium between these two worlds. Between handpicking your stock and being known as the only company in your area with a specific “style,” being a boutique owner can open doors previously closed by the mainstream clothing companies. If you’ve been searching for the opportunity and resources to aid you in your journey towards being a boutique owner, TRUiC has curated an entire article featuring questions such as, “Who is the target market?”, “How much can you charge customers?” and “How much profit can a clothing boutique make?” You can read all about it on TRUiC’s clothing boutique guide created to answer all of the questions you might have when it comes to starting a clothing boutique business.

Lawn Care Business

Did you know that homeowners across the nation combined spend upwards of thirty million dollars a year just caring for their lawn? Lawns are also three times more potent in contributing to our oxygen than a group of trees. That fact alone should make anyone more inclined to care for their lawns as well as those around them.

Twenty-two million homeowners from all states within the nation are hiring lawn care services to tend to their properties in an effort to free up time to spend elsewhere. If you’re skilled with a lawnmower, detailed with a trimmer and handy with weed and pest control, you might be fit to own a lawn care business. Are you curious about what a day as a lawn care provider looks like, or what type of skills will help you to become more reliable and more successful in your business? TRUiC has delivered with yet another guide that will lay everything out that you would need to know to start your own lawn care business.


Does owning your own business sound like something you would be interested in, but the amount of blood, sweat, and tears that go into a start-up aren’t your cup of tea? Franchising could be the right combination of a successful entrepreneurial venture without the time, resource, and emotional commitment that comes with building a business from the ground up. Some examples of franchises you could take on consist of coffee shops, daycare centers, laundromats, and moving companies.

Is a franchise starting to sound a bit more exciting? Does this sound like something you’d be a natural at? If it does, and you find yourself looking for a guide to walk you through starting and running a franchise, TRUiC has the perfect one for you!

How to start and succeed with your business

Now that you have a list of trending business ideas and your gears have begun to turn with ideas for your own business, you’ll need help figuring out exactly how to do this. TRUiC has just the thing you’ll need to get through those beginning steps. All the information you’ll need to start your own business can be found in this simple “How to Start a Business” guide along with additional resources and questions to get you thinking about how you’ll turn your idea into a profit.