Friday, May 20 , 2022

How To Gain Popularity Through The Usage Of IGTV Videos

The social networking site Instagram managed to become one of the most essential social media platforms in the world. Since its development in 2010 the mobile application has managed to gain lots of popularity and now billions of people are on the platform on a daily basis. Instagram provides and supports so many tools and features for both business owners and personal accounts’ owners. The social networking site is also a home to many celebrities and influencers that even create careers thanks to Instagram.

The number of users that have joined the platform is rapidly growing all the time and now Instagram has become also a big competitor to YouTube since recently Instagram has added a new feature called IGTV that supports videos up to 60 minutes which allows blogger and influencers to upload longer videos on Instagram instead of uploading them on YouTube.

Many youtubers started uploading their videos on both platforms in order to gain more popularity and to increase their audience. In fact many social media experts consider that now is the best time to pursue an audience on Instagram because the users there are loyal and consistent. We should admit that in the beginning  it is not an easy task to reach thousands of viewers , therefore there are many suppliers that provide different boosting services for Instagram, so you might consider buying real likes on Instagram in order to establish a loyal audience and to build credibility in you or your product.

Recent research studies show that IGTV videos are rated extremely well over the audience on Instagram and people actually do engage with this type of content. In fact IGTV videos have also a positive impact on customer reach and sales for any brand or person. In this article we have prepared a few tips that can help you to grow your Instagram presence by uploading video content and how to gain more views on your videos.

1. Find your passion and upload videos related to your niche.In order to make your video viral and to gain more views you should make your videos with passion and inspiration, because people can feel your energy whether it is positive or not. For example if you are a blogger or an influencer you can create and upload daily vlogs , travel ,food or fashion videos or anything you like.

2. Create your videos according to the current trends. The trends on Instagram are changing all the time so you should follow the latest ones in order to catch the interest of the audience.For instance today people might be interested in some kind of challenge video and tomorrow the new trend might be some fashion topic. Let’s take Halloween as an example. When this time of the year comes you might create a video of your Halloween decoration or your Halloween outfit. People will be interested in your video because you will provide them content for an upcoming interesting event.

3. Edit your videos. Everyone that is creating video content desires to create the best possible video in order to grab the attention of the audience and to get more views. However users should spend some time on editing and producing the videos. There are many apps on the market that can be really helpful for this purpose.

Instagram is a space that is full of both entertainment and business related topics.Statistic shows that in 2019 the social platform was visited by more than 1 billions active users on a monthly basis ,which makes Instagram one of the most popular social media platforms ever. As we have mentioned in this article there are many opportunities for each and everyone, whether if you are on the platform for business or personal usage.