Things You Need To Learn In Digital Marketing

Things You Need To Learn In Digital Marketing

Things You Need To Learn In Digital Marketing

Marketing has been an essential part of a business to growth. If we look 100 years back, newspapers were enough to do the marketing of any product. If we look back 50 years, television was the best source to telecast advertisements for marketing any product. Because nowadays, there has become excessive exposure of people to gadgets and internet accessibility has taken over the rest of the sources, digital marketing has become complicated and challenging. In this digital era, 92% of people are using mobile, and on average, they spend about 9 hours using the internet. There are several channels on which we can do digital marketing, such as Social Media, SEM, Video, Emailing, and, press release distribution services. 

Digital Marketing, also known as online marketing, is a term used for all types of online marketing. Nowadays, you do need not only good contact but also some technical skills to market your product online. Here we will discuss a few ways by which digital marketing is being done. 

Through Website

First, you need to have a website because it is a giant web-like shopping, and your website will appear like a shop. Have a glance at these few rules of thumb to grow your site;

  1. The website should be fast. According to various research, 53% of people click the back button if the page does not appear within 3 seconds. If the site response time is slow, the user gets bored and leaves the site. 
  2. For building user trust in a website, it should be secured. Security is so important because of different kinds of virus attacks. For security, a site needs to be SSL certified. 
  3. At present, people are mostly using mobile phones more than desktop computers or laptops. So, the website needs to be mobile-friendly.
  4. To attract users, it needs to be well-designed with good graphics and color grading. 

SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

Presently, 93% of the users search any keyword through search engines like google or yahoo. To make your site dominate in users’ searches or to make your site in the top 10 searches, we use SEM techniques. There are two types of SEM – one is SEO (Search engine optimization), and the other is PPC (Pay Per Click).

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is one of the efficient ways of digital marketing and is worth investing in. SEO helps increase ranking in search engines and brings more organic traffic to the site due to sales increases. SEO uses crawlers like subtitles, and there are more than 200 crawlers that SEO uses. The coding of SEO is different than HTML.

  • PPC (Pay Per Click)

Pay per click or simply we can say it as online paid ads. Every time you have to pay whenever someone clicks on the ad. PPC appears on google, most of the time top three search result is PPC, and 70% say that they find it easy to find the data they need. There are different types of PPC;

  • Social media campaigns
  • YouTube ads
  • Google local service ads
  • Paid search campaign 
  • Display ads
  • Shopping ads

Email Marketing

Email marketing or one-to-one marketing for your business is done through Email – has over 4400% of ROI, compared with other digital channels. Most office workers check their mail in the morning, and people also love to get promotional ads on their emails.

Social Marketing 

Social marketing or marketing is done on social networks. Most people are now busy using social media. Users can be found easily on social media like Facebook, linked in, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. But the problem here is that you must pick the right social media platform for your business. You should also pick it according to the type of audience you want to sell your product to. Otherwise, the traffic will not be forwarded to your site. 

Video Marketing

Video marketing, in which we have to make product videos. Video marketing is more effective than a written format. It is more attractive, and it explains more efficiently to the consumer regarding the product. The shorter the video, the more it is effective.

To sum up, digital marketing has taken a key position in the world of marketing. Digital marketing can be done by making a good website through social and video marketing by SEM.