What Are The Causes And Effects Of Gender Discrimination?

As women continue to request equal opportunity and pay in the workplace, the unfortunate fact is current research indicates there is still quite a gap in these areas. According to data from 2017, women in today’s workplace earn an average of 82 percent of what their male counterparts do in the same job. Still considered a very persistent problem in companies large and small throughout the United States and across the world, gender discrimination is a complex issue that has not only multiple causes and effects, but also a variety of solutions. To learn more about this issue and how working with a gender discrimination lawyer can help when these disputes arise, here is some additional information you may find very useful.

Defining Discrimination of Gender

Whether a woman is already working in a company or has applied for a job that may be traditionally held by a man, discrimination based on gender may play a large part in her future success. Defined as the unfavorable treatment of another person based solely on their gender, this form of discrimination can be very blatant or very covert. Unfortunately, many company executives who are male still hold very old-fashioned and prejudiced beliefs against women not only holding positions of authority or working in male-dominated fields, but perhaps against women even being in the workplace. Thus, rather than choosing to hire the best people and maximize their talents and abilities, they hold onto these beliefs, ultimately hurting everyone.

Lack of Female Workers

Whether it is jobs in the automotive field or perhaps construction and building trades, female workers often face many struggles in their quest to succeed in these male-dominated industries. Since many males in these fields fail to recognize women as being just as capable as men of performing their assigned duties, the result is a workplace that is filled with tension and conflict. In many instances this is done on purpose, to force female workers to quit. Often known as a hostile work environment, these situations often call for legal representation. Thus, hiring a gender discrimination attorney from West Coast Employment Lawyers will be the best option for ensuring a female worker’s legal rights are protected.

Male Executives

While most disputes involving this type of discrimination happen in male-dominated companies and industries, that is not always the case. In fact, many discrimination cases of this nature occur in companies that have a diverse workforce, but simply have male executives and managers who do not want women promoted to management-level jobs or other positions within the company. Since these companies can already claim a diverse workforce, proving discrimination based on gender can sometimes be more difficult for a female worker. However, if an experienced and knowledgeable gender discrimination lawyer is hired for the case, chances are they can easily spot discriminatory practices and hold those responsible accountable for their actions.

Tension-filled Work Environment

When female workers know they are being discriminated against due only to their gender, it can create a work culture that is filled with daily doses of tension and conflict. As a result, what many males at the company may view as a minor problem suddenly becomes a major hindrance to having a team of workers that trusts and supports one another. Since female workers who realize they are victims of discrimination are now exploring ways to end these discriminatory practices against them, performing daily tasks becomes more difficult.

Lack of Motivation

No matter the situation, a person will be less motivated to do their job or complete a task if they feel as though they are not valued by their company. Thus, gender discrimination plays a big role in making female workers feel less motivated and less valued in the workplace. When this happens, not only does it make it harder for a team to function as a cohesive unit, but it also hurts a company’s bottom line financially. Since productivity suffers in these situations, it is to a company’s benefit to resolve any discrimination issues immediately.

Lawsuits and Investigations

One of the biggest effects of allowing gender discrimination within the workplace is the possibility of having a company subjected to multiple lawsuits and investigations. Since virtually all states have laws in place against discrimination, females who believe they are victims of these practices can not only use these laws against an employer, but also those afforded them by the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Thus, if a female employee chooses to hire a gender discrimination attorney from West Coast Employment Lawyers, a company can face a variety of serious legal consequences. Along with having a discrimination lawsuit filed against it, a company can also be the subject of a federal investigation, especially if there are allegations of civil rights violations. Also, if a claim is filed with the U.S. Equal Opportunity Commission, additional investigations will likely be launched against the employer.

Reevaluating Position Requirements

Though there are no solutions that can guarantee solving these problems immediately, there are steps employers can take to lessen the chances of discriminatory practices happening in their workplace. For example, many employers have had success with taking a closer look at position requirements and making adjustments allowing for more women to pursue these jobs. In many cases, women who are seeking re-entry to the workforce have taken advantage of these reforms, helping companies become more profitable and diverse.

Training Sessions

Along with reexamining position requirements, many companies have chosen to tackle the issue of discrimination based on gender head-on by holding mandatory training sessions, seminars, and workshops for male employees. Along with helping them spot the signs of discrimination and informing them of the negative consequences that result for companies that allow these practices to occur, these sessions also allow for role-playing exercises. By letting males experience situations their female workers often confront on a daily basis, the hope is to change the way many males in the workforce view women and their capabilities on the job.

Transgender Discrimination

As the LGBTQ community becomes more willing to speak out on issues of discrimination, one of the more common topics in today’s modern workplace involves transgender discrimination. Since transgender individuals may identify with a gender that is opposite of that they had at birth, this can present a variety of challenges for employers. Along with facing possible verbal or even physical attacks from coworkers who may not understand their way of life, transgender individuals may face difficulties gaining promotions, pay raises, or even being hired for jobs in which they are clearly well-qualified. In addition, once on the job, these employees may face discrimination regarding the use of restroom facilities, break rooms, and other aspects of a job that most other employees take for granted. To solve these problems, they often need to hire the services of a gender discrimination lawyer.

Since many companies have had discriminatory practices in place for decades, it can be difficult to make and pursue allegations in this area. However, by failing to do so, an employee allows unfair practices to continue. If you are a victim of discrimination due to your gender, do not hesitate to contact West Coast Employment Lawyers for a consultation.